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We know when you've got a project underway, you want to see progress. However, it might not always be feasible to drive out to the job site everyday. We have the solution. This section will be regularly updated with photos as we progress on various projects. We'll also let you know when something new or exciting comes across our desk. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and click around. Its our way of assuring our clients that we're working hard for you.

Tag Setting the last gable

Progress Pics Norway Savings Bank ~ 1 Libby Hill Rd. , Gray, Maine

As with any project, there are critical path moments in time, that tend to make progress look good!  This is one of those weeks for this one!  Panels are by Porter Building Systems .. Installation is by Veterans Construction .. Art Caron’s crew.  Checkit out!

Setting the last gable

Prepping the last gable



Adding bearing clips for entry beams

Adding bearing clips for entry beams

Truss Pick Day

Truss Pick Day