William J. Bridges

While Bill's construction career has spanned over three decades, he has been employed by just two local contractors, and more recently by the largest lumber supplier in the state of Maine. Bill started as a general laborer, learning the ropes and working hard to move up through the progressions in construction, ultimately securing the title of Operations Manager for a local construction management firm. During his 15 years in the position, he was able to grow the company from an annual volume of $5 million to $30 million.

Bill's strength is his experience in managing people and resources, as well as his ability to communicate clearly and completely all aspects of a project. He is very goal-oriented and is self-motivated and proactive. Over the years he has positively embraced every opportunity presented. He has a strong work ethic and enjoys problem solving and "making it happen".

Michael A. Meyer

Mike has been in the construction field his entire life. He started his career working for one of Maine’s largest millwork companies as a cabinet maker, but quickly moved into managing their entire operation within two years. He spent 7 years there before leaving to start his own millwork company, which he grew to employing over 30 people. In 2000 he sold his company to one of Maine’s largest lumber supply companies. He worked with them for a year throughout the tranisition, then started his own construction company, building spec homes starting at $150,000, as well as custom waterfront homes up to 1.5 million.

Mike’s greatest strength is his ability to understand a client’s needs and communicate those needs and requirements to all involved in the process of constructing a quality home. His strong business sense, high work ethic, and desire to exceed expectations, have all contributed to the success of Island Cove Building and Development.

A Healthy Perspective

We at Perspective CM bring many years of construction know-how and experience to the table, and will take care to always promote a good, balanced, and healthy perspective when it comes to facing the often challenging times that can come with any construction project. The key is to plan, be proactive, set goals and meet them in an effort to reduce those challenges to a manageable level. Communication is also a large factor in that process, along with detailed thinking and construction strategy – all parts of the equation and recipe for a positive project experience.

It is unusual to work with a construction management team whose owners are directly involved with a project on an every-day basis. One or both owners were at every job meeting.