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We know when you've got a project underway, you want to see progress. However, it might not always be feasible to drive out to the job site everyday. We have the solution. This section will be regularly updated with photos as we progress on various projects. We'll also let you know when something new or exciting comes across our desk. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and click around. Its our way of assuring our clients that we're working hard for you.

Norway Savings Bank Branch Progress ~ Gray, Maine ~ August 22, 2014

Entry Porch Slab Placement

Front Entry Concrete Slab Placement

Air barrier roof-ready trim begins

Air barrier roof-ready trim begins

Air barrier continues

Air Barrier Continues


Interior Wall Framing Begins

South Gable Complete

South Gable Siding & Trim Complete

Interior framing IMG_1402 Siding & trim Cupola Roof Off-site Road Scope South Gable Siding South Gable Siding Shingles MEP Rough HVAC Units North Gable Trim Starts HVAC Unit Install Drive Thru Island Bollards Drive Thru Island Concrete Placement


Progress for the end of July and to the third week in August has proven quite productive.  Onsite grading and base course paving; siding and trim began, and lots of headway on the interior roughin and framing.  The off-site road work is progressing well, with a due/completion date of August 27th….the buses roll and kids start school next week!  We are on our way and on schedule for the Mid-November Substantial Completion!  I love this part of the project!

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