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We know when you've got a project underway, you want to see progress. However, it might not always be feasible to drive out to the job site everyday. We have the solution. This section will be regularly updated with photos as we progress on various projects. We'll also let you know when something new or exciting comes across our desk. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and click around. Its our way of assuring our clients that we're working hard for you.

Norway Savings Bank Gray ~ Project Progress 8.29.14

Another incredible Friday here in beautiful downtown Gray Maine .. this week has been really productive!  We had our bi-weekly project meeting with the Owner and Architect and specialty subs and consultants, and met one major milestone.  We finished the ‘off-site’ work in the adjacent roadway intersection of Libby Hill Road and Rt.26, we began roofing, including integral lead coated copper gutters, we are well underway on the interior, with roughin and spray foam in exterior walls……continuing siding and trim.  We also flew the cupola, building it on the ground for safety-sake.  Check out our progress pics for this week!

Front Corner Dormer


Set the cupola this week, continued LCC roof accessories.

Libby Hill Road Off-site Scope Complete

Libby Hill Road Off-site Scope Complete

Spray Foam Interior Building Rear Siding/Trim IMG_1551

Interior thermal barrier placement .. 4″ average of spray foam .. Drivethru side siding and trim .. cement clapboards it is!






Roof Shingles

Certainteed architectural roof shingles, lead-coated aprons, integral gutters, base and step flashings it is!

Spray foam technology

Spray foam technology

Bios Environmental setting up to spray .. quite a technical application .. generated a LOT of heat during the spray process!


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