Letters of Reference

Ledgewood Inc.

Dir Sir/ Madame,

Please accept this as an unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Bill Bridges, who has personally worked for me for the past 22 years at Ledgewood, Inc., a South Portland based construction management/general contracting firm involved in commercial construction throughout the State of Maine.

During his 22 years at Ledgewood, Bill has risen from Superintendent, to Project Manager, to ultimately his most recent position as Operations Manager of a company with over 30 employees. Bill has been Operations Manager for the past 11 years, during which time the organization’s volume has grown from $5 million to over $30 million a year.

Bill’s decision to seek new employment is solely the result of the restructuring of the company, and the sale of the business to two new principals who will be purchasing my interests over time.

Bill Bridges has earned the highest recommendation that I could give. He has been an outstanding employee, and is a top notch individual. I had entrusted him with the daily operations of my organization, and was extremely pleased and proud of his performance throughout the years. He had my total confidence and never let me down. Rarely do we come in contact with people who think as we do, and behave as we would, in most situations. Bill has been that person for me. He has earned my trust, my confidence, my loyalty, and my friendship throughout the 24 years that I have known him.

Bill is an extremely hard working and conscientious individual. He invests whatever time and energy are necessary to complete a task. He has learned and grown with us, and achieved a high level of ability and talent in our industry. He is very professional, a strong communicator and manager of people, and very fair and objective in his decision-making.

He is a wealth of knowledge regarding systems, technologies, materials, and standards within our industry. He is very detail oriented, and yet is able to envision the larger, grander scheme of things. His vast experience, starting in the field at a young age, has given him a very strong understanding of the industry, as he has seen the full spectrum of challenges, all sides of the business, and is extremely well versed in all the subtleties that can occur in construction.

As an individual, his character is without repute. He is sincere, honest, forthright, and a person of extremely high standards and ethics. He is not one to pass blame to others and accepts the good, as well as the bad, in all situations. He is able to handle pressure professionally, maintain composure, and always represented my company extremely well.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss his credentials in greater detail, and wish him the greatest success as he precedes forward in his career.

Yours truly,
Bill Barthelman
William B. Barthelman, President

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